About Small Fish

Our Mission

Small Fish Services uses technology to empower organizations and individuals to do great work, even within modest IT budgets. Sara L. Martin founded Small Fish in August of 2009. She draws on her own experience and skills augmented by a network of other talented consultants. Technology has made amazing things possible and created a world where businesses need to be constantly evolving and growing. The Internet has a wealth of information and free and low-cost software and services, but the typical small non-profit staff doesn’t have the time or expertise to delve into these resources.

That's where Small Fish comes in. We have the expertise, we've done the research, and we know how to find solutions that make sense for small organizations. Let us equip you to achieve your goals.

What's Different About Small Fish?

  • We work primarily with small organizations.
  • We embrace free and low-cost technology.
  • We train you to do as much as possible for yourself.
  • We empower and organize volunteers and existing staff.

Sara L. Martin, Principal Technology Strategist

Sara L. MartinSara L. Martin has over 10 years of multi-disciplinary experience in association management – everything from meetings to education to communications to board management and strategy. As a non-profit leader, she is committed to addressing challenges through efficiency and cost-effective technology. Sara is a problem solver who speaks the languages of both technology and business, and she's passionate about process improvement and effective internal communications. Small Fish Services allows Sara to work on the things that excite her most – websites, efficiency, and making a big difference with a small investment. Sara is a summa cum laude graduate of Wake Forest University and studied music at the graduate level before finding her niche in non-profit management. She lives in Northern Virginia in a multi-generational household with her parents, aunt, husband, two daughters, and dog.

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